1965-1967 Chevrolet Models of Cars and Trucks $99.95

This is a Chevrolet reproduction blank trim / data tag. Made of Stainless steel and Chromium. The original tags are magnetic, they were not 100% stainless. Buy the correct replacement for your vehicle. The tag is identical in size and thickness ( .012 ) as the original and is for all Chevrolet cars and trucks from 1965-67 . It measures 3 1/4" X 7/8" Ideal to replace your damaged or lost tag. The letters and border are raised on the tag just like the original. There were 3 variations of this tag made, depending on plant of origin for the vehicle. This is the most common of the 3. The other two types varied slightly in size of the Chevrolet stamping and the spacing between letters. Please look at this tag carefully to decide if this application will work for you.

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1965-1967 Chevrolet Models of Cars and Trucks $99.95

Thanks, I never could have gotten my dream car here without the proper tag even with all of the proper paperwork

Simon, Austarlia

Classic Tags was a great help in getting my restoration back on track after vandalism on my car.

Frank K, California

I was so happy to find this part, after the body shop sandblasted my car they didn't cover up the data tag and damaged it to the point you couldn't read thr numbers on it.

Mikka, Finland

Thanks, finally have everything in place to enjoy my ride.

Paul W, Seattle

Thanks to all at Classic after the shop lost my tag, I can now have a sense of relief that I can drive my vehicle without any concerns from the authorities.  

Sven S. Sweden